Pleasant and thorough

The gel is healthier and more thorough than wax. If you’ve been using a razor until now you will have strong hair roots, so you’ll notice a slight sting the first time you have the treatment. By the third or fourth time, this will have lessened. With waxing, the first treatment can cause a lot of discomfort.

Facilities and Services

The application technique used today has little in common with the method handed down from ancient times. When performed correctly, the customer will find sugaring much more pleasant than waxing.

Time Savings

The gel removes the hairs with the root and they only start to grow again after four to six weeks, allowing you to simply forget about them in the meantime. The gentle gel prevents the hairs from breaking and then regrowing within just a few days, forming an unpleasant stubble. The treatment gradually inhibits hair growth. This is currently the most painless and comfortable form of hair removal..

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First and foremost for us is that the customers feel welcome and experience a professional advice and treatment.

Cleopatra already knew the SHABA method of hair removal. Only sugar, water and lemon are the natural ingredients. Recently, the method was perfected with modern technology. The method used today has little in common with the tradition. Exercised properly, the customer perceives the treatment with sugar-gel as a lot more pleasing than the wax method.

Time savings


The hairs are removed by the gel by the roots.
Only after 4-6 weeks do they grow back again. In between, you have peace. The soft gel prevents broken hair from growing back within days.


Care of skin and tissue

2Already the first application can be amazing: The natural gel nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and tender. At the same time the horny epidermis is gently ‘peeled’. A desirable side effect is the massage of the tissue. Regrowing hairs are thinner and lighter.

Pflege von Haut und Gewebe

Pleasant and thorough

3The gel is healthier and more thorough than wax. Who has been shaving previously, has strong hair roots. Therefore, one can feel an easy plucking at the first application. Starting from the third or fourth time little more is felt.

Angenehm und gründlicher